The scene from the "Learn and Play New Game" area where visitors experience a Karuta game.
I believe they are the first people in the world who played Karuta without any knowledge of Japanese language!
The rules of Kyogi Karuta were simplified for the MSO.
Here they are memorizing the arrangement of cards on the table.

They use special cards like this, on which syllables are written in Roman alphabet in red to express the "Marked sounds."

The game starts!
As the match proceeds, they learn to take cards more quickly.

The match comes to a climax: a "one to one" situation!
The next card will decide the winner.

Just when the first syllable is read, he pounces on the right card in the opponent's zone! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Have you enjoyed?
"Exhausted!" they answer.
"Thank you very much. We appreciate your effort!"

The twins surprised us by their quick motion.
We hadn't taught them any techniques.
But amazingly, they arranged their cards according to "marked sounds"!


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